## This software is a tool for compare motif occurrence at peak summits versus surrounding regions.

Package Dependencies

## BioPython is used to input fasta sequence file. (http://biopython.org/wiki/Download)

Bed tools is used to convert bed to fasta file (fastaFromBed)and
sort bed by its position (bedSort).
(Download bedSort by: git clone http://genome-source.cse.ucsc.edu/kent.git)

RPy is used to do the Wicoxon test and FDR adjust between center
region and side regions.

awk is used to get three regions of bed from one summits bed and
to check whether a region is in legal chromosome range
(gawk in Linux)

Cython is also needed.

Python 2.6 or above is recommended.



$ python setup.py install


## Run the whole pipeline for first time:

    $ Mpipe.py -b summits.bed -m motif_database.xml -g
    ../assembly/human19/masked -o P300

After the first run, a fasta file named by 'hg19.fa' will be
generated, which can be used directly in the later runs:

    $ Mpipe.py -b summits.bed -m motif_database.xml -g
    hg19.fa -o P300

There are alse two small tools in these package, to test the
integrity of a xml file and view it:

$ motif_xml_view.py motif.xml

To test the integrity of a fasta file and view its GC content:

$ seq_GC_view.py hg19.fa

You can see other usage by:

    $ Mpipe.py -h

Output Files

## 17 files will be output into ONE directory

They are:

    (1) fasta file and bed file for center region and side
regions.  (2) pickle file and txt file with scores of every
peak for center region and side regions.  (3) html file with
scores of every peak in center region. (CAUTION: opening this
html file is memory costing, need more than 1G memory for 3000
peaks and 700 motifs) (4) html file and txt file with summary
scores of every motif (5) a pdf file show the distribution of
p-value and difference of mean (6) the original summits bed

The useful outputs are:

    PvM (Peaks vs Motifs) table, which is named by

    MSM (Motif Score Metric) table, which is named by

    MSMC (Motif Score Metric Colored) table, which is named by
    prefix_metric.html, colored by its pvalue and the difference
    of mean between center and side regions.


You can download the newest non-installed package by typing in

    $ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/hanfeisun/motif_test

If you prefer the setup package, do this:

    $ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/hanfeisun/motif_test_setup_package

API Documentation

## Documentation for API is available on the this webpage:



## View this page to get more information.