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LaTeX package 'adjustbox'
Copyright (c) 2011 by Martin Scharrer <>
WWW: (incl. bug tracker)

This package provides several macros to adjust boxed content.
One purpose is to supplement the standard 'graphics' package, which defines the macros
\resizebox, \scalebox and \rotatebox, with the macros \trimbox and \clipbox.
The main feature is the general \adjustbox macro which extends the key=value
interface of \includegraphics from the 'graphicx' package, and applies it to general text
Additional provided box macros are \lapbox, \marginbox, \minsizebox, \maxsizebox and \phantombox.

All macros use the authors other package 'collectbox' to read the content as box and not as
macro argument. This allows for all forms of content including special material like verbatim content.
A special feature of 'collectbox' is used to provide matching environments with the identical names as the

The clipping operation is output driver dependend. At the moment the package provides
native support for 'pdflatex'. For other output drivers the 'pgf' package is used as a general 
fall-back for all clipping operations.

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