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LaTeX package 'adjustbox'
Copyright (c) 2011 by Martin Scharrer <martin@scharrer-online.de>
WWW: http://latex.scharrer-online.de/

Provides the macros \trimbox, \clipbox and \adjustbox as an addition
to the macros \resizebox, \scalebox and \rotatebox from the 'graphics' package.
It reuses the key=value interface of the 'graphicx' package.
The 'pgf' package is used to implement the trimming and clipping operations
as well as to parse the numeric values.
Environment versions of the macros are also provided.
Both macros and environments support verbatim content.

\trimbox{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}{<text>}       Trims given amount
\trimbox*{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}{<text>}      Trims to given viewport

\clipbox{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}{<text>}       Clips given amount
\clipbox*{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}{<text>}      Clips to given viewport

\adjustbox{<includegraphics options>}{<text>}   Like graphicx's \includegraphics, but for text
Supported options: width, height, totalheight, keepaspectratio, scale, angle, trim, viewport, clip
The options is mandatory but can be empty for the trivial case (=\mbox).


\begin{trimbox}{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}

\begin{trimbox*}{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}

\begin{clipbox}{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}

\begin{clipbox*}{<llx> <lly> <urx> <ury>}

\begin{adjustbox}{<includegraphics options>}