Enzo - malware warning, now security errors, please advise?

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Issue #17 closed
Nigel Schoon created an issue

Hi Gerrit, I just starting JFX and wanted to check out your examples. Downloaded Enzo lib 0.1 on 8th May, browser warned of malware. Now getting security errors in Eclipse(fx) ie: "at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)". This is obviously worrying, was the download corrupted or have a set it up wrong, please see attachment for full errors. If corrupted what needs reloading, all JDKs? Many thanks, Nigel Schoon, UK

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  1. Patrick Kutch

    I don't build Enzo in Eclipse. I build with Gradle as the instructions mention, then just use the resulting .jar file with my app.

  2. Nigel Schoon reporter

    Hi Patrick, thanks for the reply. The gradle command appeared to be successful (its the first time I've used gradle). Can you give me an example of the syntax of how to call the jar in code? The errors are not similar to compile errors I've had before, is there a security issue? Thanks.

  3. Patrick Kutch

    In eclipse there is a way to specify a dependent library/jar file. I've not used Eclipse in quite some time, so Google is your friend.

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