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Issue #29 resolved
Hugo Busso created an issue

Hi Gerrit, is there any way to assign a unique color to every marker?

i.e.(marker1) must be always red, (marker2) always green and so on...

If you addMarker() for the first time they appear with default colors (ignoring the specified markerFill1Property().setValue()).

Then you removeMarker() and they dissapear, of course...

But, if you issue the addMarker() command again (i.e addMarker(marker1)) the color assigned is a random between the default marker colors (ignoring the specified markerFill1Property().setValue() again). If you repeat this process (add and remove markers) with all five several times, you may end with five markers with the same color.

For me the markers colors are important, because it point to a different measure event.

apologize my little english.

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