GradientLookup class throws exception if instantiated with no parameters.

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Issue #32 resolved
Patrick Kutch created an issue

The DemoOneEightGauge demo will demonstrate this, because the OneEightGauge class constructors create a GradientLookup() with to parameters.

No gradients are passed, and when you run the demo it throws an exception because the init() tries to use data that doesn't exist.

I changed the init() to be the following and it seemed to resolve the problem: private void init() { double minFraction =0 ; double maxFraction = 1;

    if (!stops.isEmpty())
        minFraction = stops.keySet().stream().mapToDouble(offset -> offset).min().getAsDouble();
        maxFraction = stops.keySet().stream().mapToDouble(offset -> offset).max().getAsDouble();

    if (minFraction > 0) { stops.put(0.0, new Stop(0.0, stops.get(minFraction).getColor())); }
    if (maxFraction < 1) { stops.put(1.0, new Stop(1.0, stops.get(maxFraction).getColor())); }

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