AV-Gauge doesn't seem to be using the stylesheet

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Issue #39 resolved
Patrick Kutch created an issue

I modified the avgauge.css file, saved, did a clean build and ran the demo, but there was no change in appearance.

I change beginning of css file to look like: .av-gauge { -outer-bar-color : yellow; -inner-bar-color : #f06185; -background-color : #414141; -outer-value-text-color: yellow; -inner-value-text-color: green; -title-text-color : white; -border-color : #414141; -separator-color : white; } But still appeared as it did for the default. I opened the resulting .jar file and dug down to the avgauge.css file, my updates were there.

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  1. Gerrit Grunwald repo owner

    Fixed with last commit. I had to modify the AvGauge from Region to Control and add an empty Skin to be able to make use of the StyleableProperties which are reponsible for the css stuff.

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