Sebastian Hanula avatar Sebastian Hanula committed 2bd7961

Allow slash characters in auto_link() query string.

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     Alexandre Bourget.
   - New helper ``strip_tags()`` deletes HTML tags in a string.
+  - Fixed ``auto_link()`` to parse slash characters in query string.
 * webhelpers.paginate:
   - convert "_range" and "_pagelink" function to Page class method so that they
     can be overridden


-            literal('')
+            literal(''),
+            literal('')
         for url in urls:
             self.assertEqual('<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (url, url),


                           (?:\.[-\w]+)*            # remaining subdomains or domain
                           (?::\d+)?                # port
                           (?:/(?:(?:[~\w\+%-]|(?:[,.;:][^\s$]))+)?)* # path
-                          (?:\?[\w\+%&=.;-]+)?     # query string
+                          (?:\?[\w\+\/%&=.;-]+)?     # query string
                           (?:\#[\w\-]*)?           # trailing anchor
                         ([\.,"'?!;:]|\s|<|$)       # trailing text
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