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TestVox Development

Downloading source code

You can either clone the TestVox repository on Bitbucket, or download the latest sources as a tarball.

Overview of the source code

The TestVox source directory has this structure:


The webclient is code written in PyJS. It provides the web interface that listening tests will be conducted with.

The webserver code and scripts are written in Python. It uses many built-in python modules, and these external modules:

Build Dependencies

TestVox build requires you to have the following packages available on your system

  • Python 2.7+
  • PyJS 0.8.1+ for building the webclient
  • Java runtime environment to optimize webclient before deployment

Building TestVox

cd testvox  # the source directory

# Get external python modules (CherryPy, PyYAML, Jinja2, Web2Py-DAL)
python --task=get_dependencies

# Create a debug build
python --task=build_debug

# Create a release build
python --task=build_release

# Create a deployment zipfile (like
python --task=deploy

# Clean the distribution
python --task=clean_dist