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Deploying TestVox over Google App Engine

You can deploy TestVox over Google App Engine using the following steps.

Create a new application

Visit and create a new application. You will be asked for a unique application name. For purposes of this document, let's assume you choose "testvox-appname".

Deploy the application code

Download App Engine SDK for Python and unzip it.

After unzipping, edit the "app.yaml" file to change the "application" line and use the name of your application.

# Test app locally with Google App Engine SDK
cd TestVox-prebuilt
/path/to/appengine_python_sdk/ .

# App will be serving on http://localhost:8080
# If everything works,
# Deploy it to the server

/path/to/appengine_python_sdk/ --oauth2 update .

# Your admin interface should be serving on