1. Yin Li
  2. Secrets of Salient Object Segmentation




This is our code for the paper "The Secrets of Salient Object Segmentation" in CVPR 2014

The full package including all datasets is available at cbi.gatech.edu/salobj

How do I get set up?

  • Our script setup_env.m in the code folder will setup all the environment
  • We only support Linux and OSX
  • For the full training and testing pipeline, see our script salobj_train_demo.m in the code folder
  • For testing on a single image using pre-trained model, see our script salobj_test_demo.m in the code folder
  • We include a pre-trained model in code/models. The model is trained using all data in PASCAL-S dataset

Contribution guidelines

  • Please submit bug reports via this repository


  • yli440@gatech.edu