aotus / external / lua-5.2.2 / src / lualib.h

Harald Klimach f05d38c 

** $Id: lualib.h,v 1.43 2011/12/08 12:11:37 roberto Exp $
** Lua standard libraries
** See Copyright Notice in lua.h

#ifndef lualib_h
#define lualib_h

#include "lua.h"

LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_base) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_COLIBNAME	"coroutine"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_coroutine) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_TABLIBNAME	"table"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_table) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_IOLIBNAME	"io"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_io) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_OSLIBNAME	"os"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_os) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_STRLIBNAME	"string"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_string) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_BITLIBNAME	"bit32"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_bit32) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_MATHLIBNAME	"math"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_math) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_DBLIBNAME	"debug"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_debug) (lua_State *L);

#define LUA_LOADLIBNAME	"package"
LUAMOD_API int (luaopen_package) (lua_State *L);

/* open all previous libraries */
LUALIB_API void (luaL_openlibs) (lua_State *L);

#if !defined(lua_assert)
#define lua_assert(x)	((void)0)

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