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Added the optional name argument for the buffer to open_config_buffer

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File source/aotus_module.f90

   !> Subroutine to load and execute a script given in a buffer
   !! (might be bytecode).
-  subroutine open_config_buffer(L, buffer, ErrCode, ErrString)
+  subroutine open_config_buffer(L, buffer, bufName, ErrCode, ErrString)
     type(flu_State) :: L !< Handle to the Lua script
     !> String with Lua code to load.
     character, intent(in) :: buffer(:)
+    !> Name for the buffer to use in debug messages.
+    character(len=*), intent(in), optional :: bufName
     !> Error code returned by Lua during loading or executing the file.
     !! This optional parameter might be used to react on errors in the calling
     if (.not.flu_isopen(L)) L = fluL_newstate()
-    err = fluL_loadbuffer(L, buffer)
+    err = fluL_loadbuffer(L, buffer, bufName)
     call aot_err_handler(L, err, 'Cannot load buffer:', ErrString, ErrCode)