Harald Klimach avatar Harald Klimach committed 6c85b7d

Backed out changeset a1b49232b696
Put execution back in place, it is needed to distinguish extdouble and
quadruple precision.
Ignore that this might not work on platforms, where the frontend can
not execute the compiled applications.

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          write(*,*) quad_k
        end program checkquad''',
                   msg = 'Checking for Quadruple Precision',
-                  mandatory=False, define_name='quadruple')
+                  mandatory=False, define_name='quadruple',
+                  execute = True, define_ret = True)
     conf.env['quad_support'] = conf.is_defined('quadruple')
     if conf.env['quad_support']:
        conf.env['quad_k'] = int(conf.get_define('quadruple').replace('"', '').strip())
          write(*,*) xdble_k
        end program checkxdble''',
                   msg = 'Checking for Extended Double Precision',
-                  mandatory=False, define_name='extdouble')
+                  mandatory=False, define_name='extdouble',
+                  execute = True, define_ret = True)
     conf.env['xdble_support'] = False
     if conf.is_defined('extdouble'):
        conf.env['xdble_k'] = int(conf.get_define('extdouble').replace('"', '').strip())
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