Harald Klimach avatar Harald Klimach committed 8c8265f

Applied patch 6 for Lua 5.2.2
GC can collect a long string still in use during parser.

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     setbvalue(o, 1);  /* t[string] = true */
+  else {  /* string already present */
+    ts = rawtsvalue(keyfromval(o));  /* re-use value previously stored */
+  }
   L->top--;  /* remove string from stack */
   return ts;


 #define invalidateTMcache(t)	((t)->flags = 0)
+/* returns the key, given the value of a table entry */
+#define keyfromval(v) \
+  (gkey(cast(Node *, cast(char *, (v)) - offsetof(Node, i_val))))
 LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaH_getint (Table *t, int key);
 LUAI_FUNC void luaH_setint (lua_State *L, Table *t, int key, TValue *value);
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