Manuel Hasert avatar Manuel Hasert committed b777f2c

pushing example. have a look at the testsuite/debug/cube_refined
and check dbgOut0000001.res

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     end if
     if (present(vname)) then
       if(put_conf%level .ne. 0) then
-        write(put_conf%outunit,fmt="(a,i2)",advance ='no') trim(vname)//"=", val
+        write(put_conf%outunit,fmt="(a,i2)",advance ='no') trim(vname)//" = ", val
-        write(put_conf%outunit,fmt="(a,i2)") trim(vname)//"=", val
+        write(put_conf%outunit,fmt="(a,i2)") trim(vname)//" = ", val
       end if 
       if(put_conf%level .ne. 0) then
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