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 # directories like "/usr/src/myproject". Separate the files or directories 
 # with spaces.
-INPUT                  =  aotus/source build/ 
+INPUT                  =  source LuaFortran
 # This tag can be used to specify the character encoding of the source files 
 # that doxygen parses. Internally doxygen uses the UTF-8 encoding, which is 

File LuaFortran/Makefile

-OBJS = flu_binding.o lua_fif.o
-libflu.a: $(INCDIR) $(OBJS)
-	ar rc libflu.a $(OBJS)
-	mkdir -p $(INCDIR)
-flu_binding.o $(INCDIR)/flu_binding.mod: flu_binding.f90 $(INCDIR)/lua_fif.mod
-	$(FC) -c $(FFLAGS) $(INC) flu_binding.f90
-	mv flu_binding.mod $(INCDIR)
-lua_fif.o $(INCDIR)/lua_fif.mod: lua_fif.f90
-	$(FC) -c $(FFLAGS) $(INC) lua_fif.f90
-	mv lua_fif.mod $(INCDIR)
+= AOTUS =
+The AOTUS library provides a wrapper around the
+C-API of the Lua scripting language, allowing a
+convenient usage of Lua scripts as
+configuration files in Fortran applications.
+Please have look at the Wiki at
+for usage informations.
+This library is released under a simplified MIT
+licence, please have look at the COPYRIGHT file
+for details.
 = How To Build =

File source/aot_fun_module.f90

     fun = aot_fun_top(L)
   end subroutine aot_fun_global
-  !> Get a nested defined function.
+  !> Get a function defined as component of a table.
   subroutine aot_fun_table(L, parent, fun, key, pos)
     type(flu_state) :: L
     integer, intent(in) :: parent

File source/aot_kinds_module.f90

+!> Global definitions of some handy kind declarations
+!! with the help of the intrinsic selected_*_kind
+!! functions.
 module aot_kinds_module
   implicit none

File source/aot_table_module.f90

   implicit none
+  !> This routine provides a way to open a table
+  !! either as a globally defined one, are as a
+  !! table within another table.
+  !! After the table is opened, the returned
+  !! handle can be used to access its components.
   interface aot_table_open
     module procedure aot_table_global
     module procedure aot_table_table

File source/aotus_module.f90

+!> This module provides high level Fortran interfaces
+!! to retrieve values from a Lua script.
 module aotus_module
   use flu_binding
   use aot_kinds_module, only: double_k, single_k, long_k
   integer, parameter :: aoterr_WrongType = 2
   !> Get the value on top of the stack
+  !! This is the most basic operation to
+  !! retrieve a value.
+  !! It is also most flexible in the sense,
+  !! that it does not matter how the value
+  !! actually gets on top of the stack by
+  !! previous Lua operations.
   interface get_top_val
     module procedure get_top_real
     module procedure get_top_double
     module procedure get_top_logical
   end interface
-  !> Get a global configuration value from the script
+  !> Get a global configuration value from the script.
+  !! This provides a convenient direct access to
+  !! global variables from the Lua script.
   interface get_config_val
     module procedure get_config_real
     module procedure get_config_double

File waf

Binary file modified.