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+The AOTUS library provides a wrapper around the C-API of the Lua scripting
+language, allowing a convenient usage of Lua scripts as configuration files in
+Fortran applications.
+Please have look at the Wiki_ for usage informations.
+This library is released under a simplified MIT licence, please have look at the
+COPYRIGHT file for details.
+How To Build
+./waf configure build
+to build the aotus library.
+If you want to select a specific Fortran compiler, set the environment variable
+And for a specific C compiler, set the environment variable *CC*.
+What is Built
+For your convenience the lua library is included in version 5.2.0 (released
+Its objects are completely gathered into the final *libaotus* library, so it is
+only necessary to link against this single static library to gain the
+configuration features of aotus in your Fortran application.
+There is an example program built, called aotus_test, which you will find in the
+*build* directory.
+It can be used with the provided *config.lua* in the *test* directory, where
+also the source of this small program is found.
+Related Projects
+Some projects with similar goals or related information:
+* f2k3-lua_
+* FortLua_
+.. _Wiki:
+.. _f2k3-lua:
+.. _FortLua: