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 # for a project that appears at the top of each page and should give viewer
 # a quick idea about the purpose of the project. Keep the description short.
-PROJECT_BRIEF          = "Adavanced Options in Tables and Universal Scripting"
+PROJECT_BRIEF          = "Advanced Options in Tables and Universal Scripting"
 # With the PROJECT_LOGO tag one can specify an logo or icon that is 
 # included in the documentation. The maximum height of the logo should not 
 This will build a html directory in the build directory with the resulting
 documentation. Note, that this requires an installed doxygen.
+It is also online available at aotus_dox_.
 .. _Lua:
 .. _Wiki:
 .. _waf:
+.. _aotus_dox:
 .. _f2k3-lua:
 .. _FortLua: