ErrCode allocation in get_table_*_vvect procedures

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ErrCode is not allocated by the caller in get_table_real_vvect but instead is allocated to the appropriate size in get_top_real_vvect (and similarly for other get_table_*_vvect procedures).

However, if a global vector is requested but doesn't exist (so valid_args is false) then ErrCode is set in get_table_real_vvect without ever being allocated. I'm not 100% sure how to handle this but I think ErrCode should be allocated to be zero size (as happens if a non-existent vector member of a table is requested).

What do you think?

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  1. Harald Klimach repo owner

    Indeed, this is an issue introduced by sloppy introduction of the changed interfaces with optional arguments instead of multiple routines in a common generic interface. I hope f801ea3 is a fix for this in the way you suggested, which I think is the most reasonable approach to it.

  2. Harald Klimach repo owner

    The returned parameters for the dynamically allocated arrays are now sanitized to have 0 length, if the input arguments are invalid, resulting in the same behavior, as if the requested Lua table does not exist.

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