#8 Merged
jas43 jas43
haraldkl haraldkl

get_table_userdata: getting a userdata value from a table.

  1. jas43 avatarjas43


Just a little further work on userdata (commit 36970e86f833)--add the equivalent procedure for reading userdata from a table.

Userdata is a pretty specialised object (and used rarely?). Is it worth adding the equivalent procedures to aot_vector_module?

Comments (1)

  1. Harald Klimach repo owner

    Thanks. I am not sure about the usage scenario to read userdata in vectorized form from the Lua code, but it might be handy in some cases. More interesting from my point of view is the other direction, when passing a complete array of data as input for a Lua function in the form of a userdata object, that might provide a big speed improvement. However, so far speed was no issue for me here, and I didn't bother looking into it, yet.

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