aotus / utests / aot_buffer_test.f90

program aot_buffer_test
  use flu_binding, only: flu_State, fluL_newstate, fluL_loadfile, flu_dump, &
    &                    fluL_loadbuffer, flu_pcall, flu_pop
  use aotus_module, only: aot_get_val, aot_err_handler, &
    &                     aoterr_Fatal, aoterr_NonExistent, aoterr_WrongType

  implicit none

  integer :: err
  integer :: buflen
  integer :: glob_int
  integer :: iError
  logical :: passed
  character, pointer :: scriptBuffer(:)
  type(flu_State) :: L

  passed = .true.
  call create_script('aot_buffer_config.lua')

  L = fluL_newstate()
  err = fluL_loadfile(L, 'aot_buffer_config.lua')
  call aot_err_handler(L, err, 'Cannot load configuration file:')

  ! Dump the loaded script into a buffer
  write(*,*) 'Dumping a script into a buffer'
  call flu_dump(L = L, buf = scriptbuffer, length = buflen, iError = err)
  if (err /= 0) then
    write(*,*) 'Could not dump the script into a buffer'
    write(*,*) '  : success'
  end if

  ! Pop the script itself from the stack
  call flu_pop(L)

  write(*,*) 'Reading the script back from a buffer'
  err = fluL_loadbuffer(L, scriptbuffer)
  call aot_err_handler(L, err, 'Cannot load script from buffer again:')

  write(*,*) 'Executing the script'
  err = flu_pcall(L, 0, 0, 0)
  call aot_err_handler(L, err, 'Cannot run script from buffer:')

  ! Testing for global INTEGER
  write(*,*) ' * reading a global integer'
  call aot_get_val(L = L, key = 'int_test', &
    &              val = glob_int, ErrCode = iError)

  if (btest(iError, aoterr_Fatal)) then
    write(*,*) '  : unexpected FATAL Error occured !!!'
    if (btest(iError, aoterr_NonExistent)) &
      &   write(*,*) '  : Variable not existent!'
    if (btest(iError, aoterr_WrongType)) &
      &   write(*,*) '  : Variable has wrong type!'
    passed = .false.
    if (glob_int == 5) then
      write(*,*) '  : success.'
      write(*,*) '  : unexpected ERROR, value mismatch, got: ', glob_int
      write(*,*) '  :                             should be: ', 5
      passed = .false.
    end if
  end if
  ! -------------------------------- !

  if (passed) then
    write(*,*) 'PASSED'
    write(*,*) 'FAILED'
  end if


  subroutine create_script(filename)
    character(len=*) :: filename

    open(file=trim(filename), unit=22, action='write', status='replace')
    write(22,*) '-- test script for aotus_test'
    write(22,*) 'int_test = 5'
    write(22,*) 'long_test = 5000000000'
    write(22,*) 'real_test = 0.5'
    write(22,*) 'log_test = true'
    write(22,*) "string_test = 'last words'"
  end subroutine create_script

end program aot_buffer_test
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