aotus / source / extdouble / aot_extdouble_fun_module.f90

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!> A module providing extdouble number input to Lua functions
!! Note that Lua actually only handles double precision, and the numbers are
!! converted accordingly. Thus this is merely a convenience interface, to allow
!! the usage of the functions from this module with extdouble precision numbers.
module aot_extdouble_fun_module
  use flu_binding
  use aot_kinds_module, only: double_k
  use aot_extdouble_top_module, only: xdble_k
  use aot_fun_declaration_module, only: aot_fun_type

  implicit none


  public :: aot_fun_put

  !> Put an argument into the lua function.
  !! Arguments have to be in order, first put the first argument then the second
  !! and so on.
  !! Here we add support for extdouble precision numbers
  interface aot_fun_put
    module procedure aot_fun_put_extdouble
  end interface aot_fun_put


  !> Put an argument of type double into the list of arguments for the function.
  subroutine aot_fun_put_extdouble(L, fun, arg)
    type(flu_state) :: L !< Handle for the Lua script.

    !> Handle of the function, this argument should be put into.
    type(aot_fun_type) :: fun

    !> Actual argument to hand over to the Lua function.
    real(kind=xdble_k), intent(in) :: arg

    real(kind=double_k) :: locarg

    ! Only do something, if the function is actually properly defined.
    if (fun%handle /= 0) then

      locarg = real(arg, kind=double_k)

      ! If the function was executed before this call, it has to be
      ! reset.
      if (fun%arg_count == -1) then
        ! Set the top of the stack to the reference of the function.
        ! Discarding anything above it.
        call flu_settop(L, fun%handle)
        ! Push a copy of the function itself on the stack again, before
        ! adding arguments, to savely survive popping of the function
        ! upon execution.
        call flu_pushvalue(L, fun%handle)
        ! Increase the argument count to 0 again (really start counting
        ! arguments afterwards.
        fun%arg_count = fun%arg_count+1
      end if

      call flu_pushNumber(L, locarg)
      fun%arg_count = fun%arg_count+1
    end if

  end subroutine aot_fun_put_extdouble

end module aot_extdouble_fun_module