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 ** For example you can check for a fatal error by using "ibset(errCode, aoterr_fatal)
 * //optional// **default**: A default value to put into the variable, if the variable is not provided in the Lua script
-h2. Tables
+=== Tables ===
 The interface to work with tables is trying to resemble IO, thus you
 could think of a table as a file, which you can open and read
 call aot_table_close(L, thandle)
-h2. Functions
+=== Functions ===
 Again functions try to resemble the usage of files, however in this case its slightly more complicated,
 as you first need to "write" the input parameters into the function, then execute it and finally retrieve
 call aot_fun_close(L, fun)
+This should cover the most typical tasks for configurations.
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