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-== Welcome ==
+== AOTUS ==
+Avanced Options in Tables and Universal Scripting
+This is a Fortran wrapper for the [[http://www.lua.org|Lua]] scripting language,
+dedicated to enable flexible configuration of Fortran applications with this
+full fledged scripting language.
+Aotus is also the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_monkey|Night monkey]] (living in south america).
+Thus can be understood to be interacting with the moon (Lua, provided by Pontifical Catholic University
+of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil) and providing the means to retrieve data from its scripts.
+The most prominent data structure in Lua are tables, which provide the possibility to store complex data structures.
+Thus the configuration is mainly done in global variables in the lua script or tables.
+Aotus provides several layers, encapsulating the bare Lua C-API:
+* lua_fif: this just provides the ISO_C_BINDING interface declarations to the Lua API
+* flu_binding: this is the actual Fortran binding wrapped around lua_fif, to provide a more Fortran like interface. Especially the **flu_state** type is declared which maintains the handle for the Lua context.
+* aot_table_module: provides some convenience functions to work on Lua tables in Fortran
+* aot_fun_module: provides some convenience functions to work with Lua functions in Fortran
+* aotus_module: provides the high end level to easily retrieve data from a Lua script
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