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 top = '.'
-from waflib import Configure, Logs
+from waflib import Configure, Logs, Utils
 #Configure.autoconfig = True
 def options(opt):
 	bld.install_as('${PREFIX}/gnigni.txt', 'wscript')
 	bld.symlink_as('${PREFIX}/', 'wscript')
+	p = Utils.subst_vars('${PREFIX}/gnigni.txt', bld.env)
+	bld.symlink_as('${PREFIX}/share/gnigni-abs.txt', p, relative_trick=False)
+	bld.symlink_as('${PREFIX}/share/gnigni-rel.txt', p, relative_trick=True)
 	bld.env.FOO =['m', 'ncurses']
 	bld.env.ST = '-L%s'
 	bld(rule='echo ${ST:FOO}', always=True, shell=1)
 		Predefined method for installing a symlink
 		destfile = self.get_install_path()
-		self.generator.bld.do_link(, destfile)
+		src =
+		if self.relative_trick:
+			src = os.path.relpath(src, os.path.dirname(destfile))
+		self.generator.bld.do_link(src, destfile)
 class InstallContext(BuildContext):
 	'''installs the targets on the system'''
 		self.run_task_now(tsk, postpone)
 		return tsk
-	def symlink_as(self, dest, src, env=None, cwd=None, add=True, postpone=True):
+	def symlink_as(self, dest, src, env=None, cwd=None, add=True, postpone=True, relative_trick=False):
 		Create a task to install a symlink::
 		:type add: bool
 		:param postpone: execute the task immediately to perform the installation
 		:type postpone: bool
+		:param relative_trick: make the symlink relative (default: ``False``)
+		:type relative_trick: bool
 		if Utils.is_win32:
 		tsk.path = cwd or self.path
 		tsk.source = [] = src
+		tsk.relative_trick = relative_trick
 		tsk.exec_task = tsk.exec_symlink_as
 		if add: self.add_to_group(tsk)
 		self.run_task_now(tsk, postpone)