Alex Afanasyev committed 7822b14

Correcting Darwin compilation

gcc, gxx, and fc_config for Darwin platform were specifying
-compatibility_version and -current_version compilation flags. These
flags are actually are link flags and generate warnings by clang

Also, these flags were specified in non-standard way, which was
confusing clang compiler.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Nagy <>

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 	Define fortran flags and extensions for the OSX systems
 	v = conf.env
-	v['FCFLAGS_fcshlib']   = ['-fPIC', '-compatibility_version', '1', '-current_version', '1']
-	v['LINKFLAGS_fcshlib'] = ['-dynamiclib']
+	v['FCFLAGS_fcshlib']   = ['-fPIC']
+	v['LINKFLAGS_fcshlib'] = ['-dynamiclib', '-Wl,-compatibility_version,1', '-Wl,-current_version,1']
 	v['fcshlib_PATTERN']   = 'lib%s.dylib'
 	v['FRAMEWORKPATH_ST']  = '-F%s'
 	v['FRAMEWORK_ST']      = '-framework %s'


 def gcc_modifier_darwin(conf):
 	"""Configuration flags for executing gcc on MacOS"""
 	v = conf.env
-	v['CFLAGS_cshlib']       = ['-fPIC', '-compatibility_version', '1', '-current_version', '1']
-	v['LINKFLAGS_cshlib']    = ['-dynamiclib']
+	v['CFLAGS_cshlib']       = ['-fPIC']
+	v['LINKFLAGS_cshlib']    = ['-dynamiclib', '-Wl,-compatibility_version,1', '-Wl,-current_version,1']
 	v['cshlib_PATTERN']      = 'lib%s.dylib'
 	v['FRAMEWORKPATH_ST']    = '-F%s'
 	v['FRAMEWORK_ST']        = ['-framework']


 def gxx_modifier_darwin(conf):
 	"""Configuration flags for executing g++ on MacOS"""
 	v = conf.env
-	v['CXXFLAGS_cxxshlib']   = ['-fPIC', '-compatibility_version', '1', '-current_version', '1']
-	v['LINKFLAGS_cxxshlib']  = ['-dynamiclib']
+	v['CXXFLAGS_cxxshlib']   = ['-fPIC']
+	v['LINKFLAGS_cxxshlib']  = ['-dynamiclib', '-Wl,-compatibility_version,1', '-Wl,-current_version,1']
 	v['cxxshlib_PATTERN']    = 'lib%s.dylib'
 	v['FRAMEWORKPATH_ST']    = '-F%s'
 	v['FRAMEWORK_ST']        = ['-framework']
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