FlashAir FTP Upload

This package adds/enables the following features to Toshiba FlashAir cards:

  • Sets wifi to station mode, so it can connect to standard access points.
  • Connect to wifi network on power-up.
  • Sets wifi to continue attempting to connect indefinitely, in case your access point is slow or not ready when the FlashAir boots.
  • Waits for an SD write event, then runs a script to upload the contents of the card to an FTP server
  • Uploaded files are tracked and each only uploaded once.
  • Optionally, files can be deleted after upload. THIS FEATURE IS KNOWN TO CAUSE DATA LOSS

The intended use for this is in a camera, so that every photo taken is uploaded to an FTP server.

Note about delete-after-upload feature

When tested, the delete feature of the FlashAir cards would cause the next file write to be lost. If you have a solution for this, please let us know!


  1. Open SD_WLAN/CONFIG and edit the APPSSID and APPNETWORKKEY parameters for your wifi network.
  2. Open Settings.lua and enter your FTP server details.


  1. Copy the files from this folder to your FlashAir card. The CONFIG file must overwrite your existing CONFIG. The ftpupload.lua and Settings.lua files must be in the root/top folder of the card.
  2. Create a folder called uploaded on the card. Here, the ftpupload script will store information about which files have been previously uploaded.

Mac OS X

  1. Open
  2. cd to this folder, if you haven't already.
  3. Run For a new FlashAir card that hasn't been named, the command will be
    ./ "/Volumes/NO NAME/"

Alternatively, you can install the files manually by following the Windows instructions.