python-socket-examples / readme

Python Socket Examples

A collection of simple Python programs that show off the capabilities of the socket

IPv6 Sockets

There are much more thorough treatments of normal network sockets out there, but
for completeness I've included an example :file:`` and 
:file:`` that will work together.

Bluetooth Sockets

Querying nearby devices

From the linux command line:
	$ hcitool scan
	Scanning ...
		38:0A:94:2C:EA:D2	briandroid

	$ obexfs -b 38:0A:94:2C:EA:D2

CAN Sockets


:file:`` shows sending CAN messages using a raw can socket and
receiving a filtered selection of them.


Generating some sort of slideshow:

    $ pandoc -s --self-contained --webtex -i -t slidy -o presentation.html