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An HTML generation library written in Common Lisp. It differs from other HTML generators by providing 
for generating HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a modular fashion, making reuse of content across pages 
much easier.

See LICENSE for applicable licensing information.

For documentation, load the package into your lisp (e.g, (require 'hh-web-tags) or (asdf:load-system 'hh-web-tags)), then
invoke the following private function to generate documentation for HH-Web-Tags:


This should create a docs/ subdirectory inside the folder containing the package, and the index.html file there should
be a starting point for understanding the library.

Contact for any questions, comments, feedback, or contributions, and keep an eye on for info and news about HH-Web-Tags.


Recent activity

Phil Hargett

Commits by Phil Hargett were pushed to hargettp/hh-web-tags

49e13b0 - Added logic to catch errors and render to html-out, rather than cause rendering of an entire page to fail
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