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Phil Hargett
Deleting existing hh-web source in preparation for setting up as a submodule
Phil Hargett
Corrected a bug with templates that was 1) not setting the current package when reading or evaluating a template, and 2) use-package statements within a template were not evaluated until run-time--too late, since the reader has already placed unknown symbols into the current package (rather than being able to recognize them as imported symbols).
Phil Hargett
Changed id-of accessor for tags to html-id. It's a common identifier, so switching to a more specific name is a safer choice. Driver for this change was a conflict with a Cl-Couch package.
Phil Hargett
Work in progress towards caching generated content intelligently. Caching works right now, but no real mechanism in place to 'flush' the cache when underlying source data changes (e.g., new or updated blog post). Extensive refactoring of what was URL dispatching is in progress, as the code in it is quite hairy.