Phil Hargett  committed 0b09bf5

Integrated Haphazard House site into here, since likely to be a while before they need to be maintained separately. Fixed a bug with log rotation, and removed hh-web's dependency on hh-utils.

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File hh-web-tags.asd

   :serial t
   :components (
                (:file "package-hh-web")
+	       (:file "utils")
 	       (:file "logs")
                (:file "tags")
 	       (:file "taglibraries")
 	       ; project packages
-	       "hh-utils"

File package-hh-web-tags.lisp

 (defpackage :hh-web
   (:nicknames :hh-web)
-  (:use :cl :sb-mop :cl-ppcre :hh-utils)
+  (:use :cl :sb-mop :cl-ppcre)
     ;; Exported symbols go here