Phil Hargett  committed 8d25059

Corrected a bug with templates that was 1) not setting the current package when reading or evaluating a template, and 2) use-package statements within a template were not evaluated until run-time--too late, since the reader has already placed unknown symbols into the current package (rather than being able to recognize them as imported symbols).

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File templates.lisp

   (if (listp expr)
       (cond ;; will likely need to add more cases over time
 	( (eql '+tag-library (car expr) ) (eval expr) t )
+	( (eql 'use-package (car expr) ) (eval expr) t )
 	)	   ; defaults to nil if no match, meaning no directive
 (defgeneric load-template (template-path &optional template-args template-keyword-args)
   (:method (template-path &optional (template-args nil) (template-keyword-args nil) )
     (let* (
-	  (*template* (make-instance 'template 
+	   (*template* (make-instance 'template 
 			       :path template-path
 			       :args template-args 
 			       :kwargs template-keyword-args
-			       ) 
+			       )
-	  (definition (eval `(lambda (,@template-args ,@(if template-keyword-args `(&key ,@template-keyword-args)) )
+	   (*package (template-package *template*))
+	   (definition (eval `(lambda (,@template-args ,@(if template-keyword-args `(&key ,@template-keyword-args)) )
 				,@(or (load-template-definition *template* template-path)
 					(error 'template-not-found-error :path ,template-path) 
 	    (when tmpl
-	      (funcall (definition-of tmpl) ,@template-arg-values ,@template-keyword-args)
+	      (let ((*template* tmpl)
+		    (*package* (template-package tmpl)))
+		(funcall (definition-of tmpl) ,@template-arg-values ,@template-keyword-args))