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Added initial meta page for administering posts; unpublished now disappear from blog, only appearing on meta page

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 (defmethod tag-library-expiredp ( (library tag-library) )
   (when (tag-library-stalep library)
-    (or (provider-tag-library-expiredp library (tag-library-provider library) )
+    (or (not (slot-boundp library 'provider)) ;; in case a library fails during creation with no provider found
+	(provider-tag-library-expiredp library (tag-library-provider library) )
 	(find-if #'(lambda (library-name) 
 		     (let (
 			   (library (find-cached-tag-library library-name))
 	    (library (read-tag-library (open full-path :direction :input) )
+	;; TODO note: if there is a failure during read, then neither of the following 2
+	;; statements will execute
 	(setf (tag-library-provider library) provider)
 	(setf (modified-time-of library) 
 	      (tag-library-file-modified-time library-name provider)
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