Phil Hargett  committed d33f551

Started process of re-routing stack traces away from web server log
to separate facility--except we're getting stack traces from
hunchentoot, so need to intercept them before hunchentoot handles them
(and disable having hunchentoot log stack traces to its web log).

Added log viewer pages to the app, so that logs can just be refreshed
in the browser as needed.

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File templates.lisp

        (let (
 	     (path (quote ,path) )
 	     (template-args (quote ,template-args) )
+	     (template-arg-values (list ,@template-args) )
 	     (template-keyword-args (quote ,template-keyword-args) )
 	 `(let (
 	    (when tmpl
-	      (funcall (definition-of tmpl) ,@template-args ,@template-keyword-args)
+	      (funcall (definition-of tmpl) ,@template-arg-values ,@template-keyword-args)