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What is MeBlog?

MeBlog is a blogging system which aim to let people easly
customize the theme, widget, and plugin. This is work in
progress. But at the curent release, main features for blogging
already provided.


MeBlog designed to run in Google AppEngine. It uses Django v1.2.3
framework and django-appengine-helper.
Media upload already supported, AppEngine need billing in order to
enable media upload, but we still can set the daily budget.

How To Install

Assuming that appengine account already created, and application
name already registered in appengine.Follow simple steps
below to install :
-> Install AppEngine SDK
   Download at :

-> Edit meblog/app.yaml
   Change application name from 'meblog' to your registered name
   in AppEngine

-> (Optional) To have comment system on the blog, MeBlog can
   integrate with Disquss.
   - copy first part of javascript to meblog/templates/front/post.html
   - copy second part (comment count) to meblog/templates/front/footer.html
   - set discuss to true in bottom of meblog/

-> (Optional) To have web analytics, use Google Analytics.
    - Copy javascript from Google Analytics to meblog/templates/front/footer.html
    - set analytics to true in bottom of meblog/

-> UPLOAD!. upload meblog
-> Done!

Recent activity

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