convert-nfd-unicode-filesystem-to-nfc-unicode / README.txt

Convert NFD unicode filesystem to NFC unicode

This tool can convert file system encoded in NFD mode to NFC mode.

On Mac OS X, the filesystem encode file name in NFD unicode 
On GNU/Linux, by default the filesystem encode file name in NFC unicode
but it can also contain file encoded in NFD mode.
You can use this tool to convert NFD to NFC.

  convert-nfd-unicode-filesystem-to-nfc-unicode <path>
  convert-nfd-unicode-filesystem-to-nfc-unicode <url>
  convert-nfd-unicode-filesystem-to-nfc-unicode -h | --help | --version

Examples :

Convert on local file system (use it on GNU/Linux, not on Mac OS X) :

    $ convert-nfd-unicode-filesystem-to-nfc-unicode /home/username/myproject/

You can use ssh url syntax to fix unicode on remote host :

    $ convert-nfd-unicode-filesystem-to-nfc-unicode

Home page :
Contact :
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