Pencil icon review replicates in different projects with same filename and commit number

Issue #63 resolved
Joaquin Cañadas created an issue

Hi, your plugin is really usefull. I am using redmine code review in a computer programing laboratory with 20 students. Each student has his/her individual svn repository and redmine project. All students must solve the same problems, so file names are similar in different repositories and projects.

The problem appears when I add a review with the pencil icon to one of the projects and others students have the same filename in the same commit number (in different repositories and redmine projects). In that case, the pencil icon review appears in the rest of projects with the same filename commited in the same commit number.

It is remarkable that the duplicated review appears only on the pencil icon view, but not in the code reviews list tab.

Thank you for your support. Joaquín

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  1. Haruyuki Iida repo owner

    Thanks for your reporting.

    Let me know what the version of your redmine and the code_review_plugin.

  2. Joaquin Cañadas reporter

    Bitnami Redmine Stack on Windows:

    • Redmine 2.6.0.stable

    Redmine plugins:

    • redmine_code_review 0.6.3 --> I updated to 0.6.4 but the problem continues.

    Other plugins

    • redmine_local_avatars 0.1.1

    • redmine_mylyn_connector 2.8.2.stable

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