wiki#show for new wiki without edit privileges causes error 500

Issue #27 resolved
Björn Peemöller created an issue


I can repeatedly cause an error 550 in the wiki extensions by the following steps:

  • Create a new public project with wiki and wiki extensions enabled.
  • Logout.
  • Navigate to the new wiki <redmine-url>/projects/<new-project>/wiki
  • An error 500 is issued.

My setting:

  • Redmine 2.2.2
  • Wiki extensions 0.6.2

The error information:


NoMethodError: undefined method `text' for nil:NilClass




The normal wiki Controller renders a 404 page in this situation (non-existent wiki, no edit privileges), but the extensions seem to intercept this, and accesses @content in wiki_extensions_add_fnlist ([PROJECT_ROOT]/plugins/redmine_wiki_extensions/lib/wiki_extensions_wiki_controller_patch.rb:82), which is nil.

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