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Using the wiki extensions Plugin with the trunk version of Redmine there are no images in the text formatting toolbar expect the smiley image.

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  1. H3llGhost
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    Yesterday I clone this repository and there was the mistake with the trunk version of Redmine. The image-tag is missing in the css declarations.

  2. H3llGhost

    I am using the same revision. Tomorrow I will take a deeper look. I think there is a problem with other plugins. When I remove your plugin all elements are visible with icons.

  3. H3llGhost

    Now it doesn't work any longer in the main project.

    Perhaps you can give some details about your system and the file permissions, which your plugin needed/got.

  4. Anonymous

    We have same problem, means that the projects overview editor and redmine admin editor don't shows pictures in editors toolbar. The javascript for the toolbar don't seems to load properly.

    We noticed that if we enable the code review module in a project it works, because the plugin loads the javascript manually again. If we deintsall the wiki extension plugin alls editory work fine.

    To us it looks like a css related bug.

  5. Terence Mill


    Add "heads_for_wiki_formatter" after line 65:

    return wikitoolbar_for_without_wiki_smiles(field_id) if ie6_or_ie7?
    url = "#{Redmine::Utils.relative_url_root}/help/wiki_syntax.html"

    Credits to Patrik!

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