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About :

Codeigniter CRUD Generator is a simple tool to auto generate model, controller and view from your table. This tool will boost your writing code. This CRUD generator will make a complete CRUD operation, pagination, search, form*, form validation, export to excel and export to word. This CRUD Generator using bootstrap 3 style. You still need to modify the result code for more customization.

*generate textarea and text input only

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Preparation before using this CRUD Generator (Important) :

  • On application/config/autoload.php, load database library, session library and url helper.
  • On application/config/config.php, set $config['base_url'] = 'http://localhost/yourprojectname', $config['index_page'] = '', $config['url_suffix'] = '.html' and $config['encryption_key'] = 'randomstring'
  • On application/config/database.php, set hostname, username, password and database

How to use this CRUD Generator :

  1. Simply put 'harviacode' folder, 'asset' folder and .htaccess file into your project root folder.
  2. Open http://localhost/yourprojectname/harviacode.
  3. Select table and push generate button.


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  • Select table show no data. Make sure you have correct database configuration on application/config/database.php and load database library on autoload.
  • Error chmod on mac and linux. Please change your application folder and harviacode folder chmod to 777
  • Error 404 when click Create, Read, Update, Delete or Next Page. Make sure your mod_rewrite is active and you can access http://localhost/yourproject/welcome. The problem is on htaccess. Still have problem? please go to google and search how to remove index.php codeigniter.
  • Error cannot Read, Update, Delete. Make sure your table have primary key.

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V.1.4 - 26 November 2016

  • Change to serverside datatables using ignited datatables

V.1.3.1 - 05 April 2016

  • Put view files into folder

V.1.3 - 09 December 2015

  • Zero Config for database connection
  • Fix bug searching
  • Fix field name label
  • Add select table from database
  • Add generate all table
  • Select target folder from setting menu
  • Remove support for Codeigniter 2

V.1.2 - 25 June 2015

  • Add custom target folder
  • Add export to excel
  • Add export to word

V.1.1 - 21 May 2015

  • Add custom controller name and custom model name
  • Add client side datatables

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