Michael Haschke committed 59ef97c

[GIT] This is the commit what moves the Foafpress repository from Mercurial to Git,
it is planned to sync the Mercurial repo on Bitbucket, but I need to figure out
the best method later.
[rem] delete Mercurial configurations for sub repositories, it's planned to use a makefile to import and update necessary libraries
[add] apply rules what files should be ignored by Git

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File .hgsub

-foafpressapp/libraries/spcms =
-foafpressapp/libraries/rdfto =
-foafpressapp/libraries/arc2 =

File .hgsubstate

-a229d9bb1359e7b8de34b56093751fb8131909ed foafpressapp/libraries/arc2
-648a46cbc922f8d2ffc352094f8f45d50f516e41 foafpressapp/libraries/rdfto
-fb502454da0257408c7f1913f0a4fd57b056f2cd foafpressapp/libraries/spcms