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-# About Foafpress
+About Foafpress
 [Foafpress][1] is planned as a small presentation engine for your FOAF
 profile and other RDF data stored in files. It allows you to aggregate
-## How it works
+How it works
 All requests on RDF files (resources) under the Foafpress root (what
 is where the Foafpress .htaccess is located in) will be routed through
 clients, a nice HTML representation to standard web browsers.
-## Install Foafpress
+Install Foafpress
 If installation does not work please report bugs, errors and your
 suggestions how to improve Foafpress as well as this document, thank
 ### 1. Copy Foafpress to your web server
 Currently we do not offer archive downloads, Pear channels, Phars or
-Debian packages. Please clone it via Mercurial or git:
+Debian packages. Please clone it via Git:
     $ cd /var/www/
     $ git clone foafpress
+or Mercurial:
     $ cd /var/www/
     $ hg clone foafpress
-### 2. Configure the server
+### 2. Prepare cache folder, Install libraries
+#### Using the makefile
+    $ cd foafpress/
+    $ make install
+That will prepare the cache folder and installing all necessary
+libraries. You can go to 'Configure Apache' now. The makefile provides
+also some other options, e.g. installing/updating only a specific library.
+Call `make` in your Foafpress directory to see more.
+#### Manually
 Foafpress needs read/write access to the cache folder. You could grant
 read/write access to all (anonymous) users but it is recommended to
     $ sudo chown youruser:www-data cache/
     $ sudo chmod 6770 cache/
+You need to install some libraries, Foafpress needs [SPCMS][3],
+[Arc2][4] and the [RDF Template Object][5] for PHP. Using Git:
+    $ cd foafpressapp/libraries
+    $ git clone spcms
+    $ git clone arc2
+    $ git clone rdfto
+or Mercurial:
+    $ cd foafpressapp/libraries
+    $ hg clone spcms
+    $ hg clone arc2
+    $ hg clone rdfto
+### 3. Configure Apache
 Second, you need to configure Apache that all resource requests of RDF
 files are answered via Foafpress: use the template for the `.htaccess`
 file and please follow the instruction there, basically you need to
     $ cp .htaccess-example .htaccess
     $ gedit .htaccess
-### 3. Configure Foafpress
+### 4. Configure Foafpress
 Foafpress itself comes with several options to configure, you can use
 the example template for the user config file, uncomment and edit the
 to use Foafpress on your public server please configure the production
-### 4. Run Foafpress
+### 5. Run Foafpress
 Now Foafpress should work. Please check out one of the test resources
 which are located in the `test` sub folder.
 `http://localhost/foafpress/test/desirejeanette` in your web browser. If
 Foafpress is working properly you should see something like this:
-[Foafpress screenshot: rendering a foaf:Person example (v 0.0)][3]
+[Foafpress screenshot: rendering a foaf:Person example (v 0.0)][6]
 In case Foafpress does not work please check also the [trouble shooting
 Now you could copy your own foaf:Person profile to the foafpress folder
 and do further testings. Would be nice to hear some feedback, thank you!