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[mod] do not use the chache/postoutput process if there is no info about requested application type, or if there is a special exporter provided by the triple store api)

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File foafpressapp/core/Foafpress.php

     // event listener for "sandbox_parse_start"
     public function CheckCache($filename)
+        // only do this, if the requested apptype is know
+        if (!isset($this->extensiontype)) return;
+        $apptypes_with_store_exporters = $this->arc2_exportfunctions;
+        // do not doing this cache before post processing stuff, if the triple
+        // store api is doing its own output serialization
+        if (isset($apptypes_with_store_exporters[$this->arc2_exportfunctions])) return;
         $this->addLogMessage('Check cache for '.$filename);
         // get preferenced laguage stack from LanguageChecker plugin