Juha Kuitunen committed 18d9354

first steps with our new markdown parser: looks pretty good

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 import android.text.TextUtils;
 import android.util.Patterns;
+import com.petebevin.markdown.MarkdownProcessor;
 public class MarkupHelper {
 	private static final String LINK_TAG = "[[";
 	private static final String HTML_HREF_ATTR_END = "\">";
 	private static final String HTML_LINK_TAG_END = "</a>";
+	private static MarkdownProcessor m = new MarkdownProcessor();
 	 * Add Bitbucket's markup support for comments and issue descriptions to TextView
 	 * @return Spanned ready to TextView.setText()
 	public static Spanned handleMarkup(String input, String owner, String slug) {
-		return Html.fromHtml(handleMarkupAsString(input, owner, slug));
+		input = m.markdown(input);
+		//input = getEmailAddressesLinkified(input);
+		//input = getBareUrlsLinkified(input);
+		return Html.fromHtml(input);
+		//return Html.fromHtml(handleMarkupAsString(input, owner, slug));
 	private static String handleMarkupAsString(String input, String owner, String slug) {
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