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display error message when diff can not be retrieved

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File src/com/saibotd/bitbeaker/

 		progressDialog =, "", "Loading diff...", true);
 		AsyncLoader asyncLoader = new AsyncLoader();
-		asyncLoader.execute(""+ owner +"/"+slug+"/changeset/"+changeset_id+"/raw/");
+		asyncLoader.execute(""+ owner +"/"+slug+"/changeset/"+changeset_id+"/raw/");//TODO: authenticate to get diff for own private repositories 
 		((TextView) findViewById("Diff: "+changeset_id);
 	public void AsyncLoaderDone(String result) {
 		result = splitDiff(result);
+		if (result.equals("")) result = "Diff not found for requested file.\nPrivate repositories not supported.";
 		code = TextUtils.htmlEncode(result.replace("\t", "  "));
 		WebView webView = (WebView) findViewById(;