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 # Flyway DB Migrations Tutorial
-Examples for using the flyway framework and maven for database migrations in an JPA 2 project.
+Examples for using the Flyway framework, a Singleton EJB and lifecycle annotations to implement database migrations on application startup in a Java EE 6 environment and using an embedded GlassFish.
 Please feel free to take a look at my blog at [] for the full tutorial.
+## Running the examples
+* Clone the project using **git clone**
+* Change into the directory flyway-migrations-tutorial and start the embedded GlassFish and the Flyway migrations running **mvn** (default goal in the pom.xml is configured to run mvn clean package embedded-glassfish:run)
+* Open **http://localhost:8080/flyway-tutorial/books** in your browser .. you should see some output with four books ..