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-# HTML Javascript Video Manipulation #
+# Video Manipulations using HTML 5 and JavaScript #
 An example on how to apply graphic effects to a video using the HTML5 and Javascript.
 ## Demos ##
-Please take a look at the [demo pages].
+Please take a look at the [demo pages] but these might be slow. In addition please be sure to use Chrome when trying the demos.
+## Quick Setup ##
+There are restrictions to access the canvas data when you're loading the *index.html* from a local place.
+If you've got python installed, simply download the files, change to the directory and run 
+    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 
+Afterwards you're able to load the demo in your browser at *http://localhost:8000/*
 ## Tutorial ##
 For the full tutorial, please take a look at [my blog].
+## Resources ##
+* [JSManipulate by Joel Besada on GitHub]
 *2012 Micha Kops /*
-  [demo pages]:
-  [my blog]:
+  [demo pages]:
+  [my blog]:
+  [JSManipulate by Joel Besada on GitHub]:
-	<h1> Applying effects to HTML 5 Videos using JavaScript</h1>
+	<h1> Video Manipulations using HTML 5 and JavaScript</h1>
 	<div>Please run using Chrome .. I was too lazy to add other video formats here. .. the image effect are made with JSManipulate by <a href="">Joel Besada</a>.</div>
 	<div>I've used the screencast from my Liferay-Portlet tutorial here - if you're interested in the tutorial please feel free to take a look at <a href="">this article of mine</a>.</div>
 	<div>For the full tutorial, please visit my blog at <a href=""></a> - the full sources are available at <a href="">Bitbucket</a>.</div>