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This plugin adds a configurable postprocessing workflow function to a Jira instance that is able to pass workflow specific parameters in a HTTP request to a specified target host.


Adding a new Workflow Post Processing Function

Adding a new workflow function

Configuring the Function Parameters

Configuring the function

The configured Function in the Transition's Overview

Transition Functions Overview


It is possible to configure a specific target URL and add custom parameters from the affected issue.

Placeholders currently available:

  • %ISSUE_ASSIGNEE% - The assignee's name
  • %ISSUE_CREATED% - The issue's creation date
  • %ISSUE_DESCR% - The issue description
  • %ISSUE_DUE% - The issue's due date
  • %ISSUE_KEY% - The issue key
  • %PROJECT_KEY% - The project key
  • %ISSUE_REPORTER% - The reporter's name
  • %ISSUE_SUMMARY% - The issue's summary

Supported HTTP Methods:

  • GET (default)
  • POST


The following examples initiates a request to the localhost and passes the issue's reporter and its key as parameters


Just download the plugin using your Confluence's Universal Plugin Manager or download it directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Please use the assigned issue tracker to document proposals, requests or bugs.


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