JAVA 9 Module Tutorial

Playing around with the Java 9 module system.

Compile Modules

mkdir -p mods
javac -d mods --module-source-path src $(find src -name "*.java")

Running the Sample

java --module-path mods -m com.hascode.sample/com.hascode.sample.Main

Creating Module Jars

jar --create --file=mlib/com.hascode.datetool@1.0.jar -C mods/com.hascode.datetool .
jar --create --file=mlib/com.hascode.sample@1.0.jar --main-class=com.hascode.sample.Main -C mods/com.hascode.sample .

Running Sample from Jar

java -p mlib -m com.hascode.sample

Displaying Module Information

jar -d --file=mlib/com.hascode.datetool@1.0.jar

module com.hascode.datetool (module-info.class)
  requires mandated java.base
  exports com.hascode.datetool.api
  contains com.hascode.datetool.internal
jar -d --file=mlib/com.hascode.sample@1.0.jar  

module com.hascode.sample (module-info.class)
  requires com.hascode.datetool
  requires mandated java.base
  contains com.hascode.sample
  main-class com.hascode.sample.Main

Creating Modular Run-Time

jlink --module-path $JAVA_HOME/jmods:mlib --add-modules com.hascode.sample --output sampleapp

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